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Paisey Pool

down in the glade where The red river sleeps
there Are tricks, there are ticks
there are traps, there are treats
betWeeN lock and clasp
first and last
this is the onlY One Way through
to the Legacy of my past
Clue - You are always too case sensitive.
Chapter one

The Door Closes

There was a slow breeze across the glade as the new born stood next to the central tree, a talisman of a lightening bolt on a bramble chord danced about her neck and keywords played lightly on her lips. This was a language she had yet to learn and it was spilling like electricity from her mouth and eyes, chasing the breeze from gentle to harsh, from east to west and back to east, chasing its tail in its own heady confusion. The air switched from gentle to harsh, dialling the moment from sweet to sour and back again.
Clue - date your lunacy
Chapter two


Last night the storm threw silent flashes across the glade, boiling with worries and anger, straining at its own leashes, stiffening from the inflections of its duty.

Super freighter, a million tones airborne and tumultuous, outer edges fitting and rolling back with its own hunger.
East (8.5) North (C.7)
Chapter three


and when the heavy machines moved in you could hear them wide across the land. Flashes were but firelight sparks of the containment chariot, over hot inside the war cloud.
What Tales to Tell?
Chapter four

New Born

then in one rent of air and fire, when the container seemed ripe to shatter into oblivion with me inside. The sky hatched and here I lay, new born.

She lays your fortune from the Tarot deck on the forest floor in three sections.

The first she calls 'The Heart'

L Amoureux

The Second three cards she calls 'The Friend'

Le Bateleur
Le Chariot

The final three cards are 'The Bird'

La Justice
Splash the bug with lion wine and wet the heart of stone.
Chapter five

Out in the Sticks

The fever of night is all about, in the horse flies and blood moths
it is in the white adders, the toothy thorns and the rasp of rock on shin.
Never pass without a kiss from the sinister is the way, has always been the way, will always be the way.
And their guest will stay brambled down as prey for ever more.
Hex box solution
Chapter six

The Escape

then the rain came for me, like a mother licking its calf clean after birth. Willing it to suckle from the river. She nudged me to the bank but I could not since the woods had me now and I was their prey. And the mighty battalion war cloud machine could not about and turn, the rotors bit sky traction and with it mother was rent away.

I, abandoned, orphaned out and left to my fate, that was until you come?
before the wall and after the magic
Chapter seven

The End Draws Us Aways On

With your guidance, I found the waters and slid away past the roots and river rocks. Thank you, i see i needed the clearing and the woody earth to incubate and nurture. I was not abandoned, I was released, as the wild thing born from the storm.

one day my offspring will rise from the oceans in a twister, a cyclone of noise and swirl to ride the air and be delivered with sparks and grinding noise into woods as these. Their teenage right of passage locked up to be delivered into foreign lands of earth not air.

Though our hearth may differ, aren't we all but fire tempered blades in the end?
Chapter eight


These are my notes as to what goes where in the boxes !!

In glade clearing

VR headset with phone on 360 photo
iPad with hawk.storywalk.info

Fabic Roll - 3 spoons - 1 with red key

Ceramic Jar - purple key

Suitcase - opened from key on rope/rock
Lion Wine
shell letters d and l
tarot II III VII

Bladder / rock / rope / pipe

Basket (opened with purple lock)
Tell Tales card
tarot I VI VIIII

triple lock box
pebble - keyword cat
bug saucer
shell letters e and a

Red padlock box
shell letter g

Hex box with